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The 4th Generation Solar Pool Heater

History is being made with SolarAttic's Fourth Generation solar pool heater.  The PCS solar pool heater was first installed 32 years ago in 1987.  The PCS4 is the newest and it's now the fourth generation SolarAttic pool heater.  Don't confuse this solar pool heater with solar pool heaters that use roof mounted solar panels. The solar industry has hidden this "panel free" solar pool heater for almost four decades.  Yet, it has proven its reliability by heating pools in over 46 States and 3 Foreign Countries.  Check it out! At only $2995 MSRP price, it rivals the cost of a roof solar panel system, a pool heat pump pool heater and even a fossil fuel heater like a gas heater for swimming pools.  Click "Read More" below to learn more about the SolarAttic Story and how it all started in the early 1980s.

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The PCS4 solar pool heater MSRP is only $2995.  That makes the PCS4 a cost effective heater for heating swimming pools.

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