Solar Pool Heater
Auto+ System Package PCS2

Photo of solarattic solar pool heater model PCS1
PCS2 Auto+ System
  • PCS2 Convection Unit
  • PCS2 Technical manual
  • GL-235 Solar Control
  • Built In Control Relay
  • Attic Temperature Sensor
  • Water Temperature Sensor
  • Super Flow Bypass Valve
  • 24vac Valve Operator

Mark Urban Valves

Mark's Flowreversal valves are no longer available. - Click here for Palmer Flowreversal Solution

Photo of solar pool heater controller Model gl235 GL-235 Solar Control

2 Inch Solar Bypass Valve

24vac Valve Operator
[Mounts on top of valve]
[Powered by control]
Sensors in front of GL-235
Built In Relay turns PCS2
On & Off automatically

Typical Plumbing Diagram


Photo of Mark Urban X-Body valve used for flowreversal pool technology. Valve is no longer available. Go to for current flowreversal pool solution.Photo of Mark Urban T-valve used to proportion water flow. Valve is no longer available due to Mark Urban passing in June 2012. Mark Urban FlowReversal™

Patented Custom Valve Set
4 Port FlowReversal Valve (Lt)
3 Port Proportioner Valve (Rt)

Flowreversal Technology Here

First Green Machine Solar Pool Heater