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Q. Why should you buy the
SolarAttic Solar Pool Heater?

Dear Swimming Pool Owner,

Thank you for visiting with us on the Internet and checking out the unique SolarAttic attic solar pool heater. Our solar pool heater is a new and different approach to solar swimming pool heating, which has traditionally meant that you had to have roof mounted solar panels. SolarAttic's attic solar pool heater gives you all the energy saving and other benefits of a solar heated swimming pool, BUT without having to install solar roof panels of any kind on the roof of your house or in your yard. The new SolarAttic attic solar pool heater gives you - SOLAR Without PANELS!

Until now, heating your pool had many drawbacks. You'd have high utility costs if you chose natural gas, propane, oil, electric heaters or even heat pumps. Or you'd have to put up with the appearance of solar panels if you chose traditional solar pool heating. Now, however, SolarAttic gives you an excellent alternative to these costly, polluting, or aesthetically unpleasing solar pool heating options. The patented SolarAttic solar pool heater uses solar-generated, hot attic air to heat your pool. So you get free solar heat for your pool without having to use any solar roof panels or mats on your roof!

The SolarAttic solar pool heater will give you and your family a warm, comfortable and enjoyable pool — just like it has for other SolarAttic customers spread across 40+ states since 1986. You'll be able to open your pool earlier in the spring and use it later into the fall.  All this enjoyment, for about $10.00 to $15.00 extra in electricity each month.

How does the SolarAttic solar pool heater work? When the sun shines during the day, your roof acts as a large solar energy collector. That's why your attic gets so hot. Our solar pool heater, located inside your attic, uses this hot attic air to heat your pool. After water from your pool goes through the pool's filter, it is then pumped into the SolarAttic solar pool heater which is a heat exchanger located inside the attic. Cooler water enters the heater; warmer water comes out and is returned to the pool.

What type of attic is necessary for this heater to work? The SolarAttic solar pool heater only needs the standard attic space found in a 4/12 pitch roof, one that has a minimum height of only 3-4 feet from the attic floor to its peak. If a person can crawl in your attic, you can use it for our attic based solar pool heating system. You also need a sunny roof and an attic that is a "heat gainer". If your attic is designed to be cool and / or simply track the ambient air temperature plus about 5-10 degrees, it will not be a good fit. You should know if your attic gets hot. A good attic will gain 20 degrees or more over the outside ambient temperature during most of the year. If you are in doubt, check our our attic solar pool heating site selection criteria.

What's included with the SolarAttic solar pool heater?  The Auto System package includes the heat exchange unit, bypass valve, solar controller, relay and temperature sensors for the attic and the pool water. This is our most popular system purchased. Plus, you get a comprehensive, easy to read Installation & Operating Manual that gives you step-by-step guidance for installation and service.

Is the SolarAttic solar pool heater quiet? Yes. Most customers say they cannot hear their SolarAttic solar pool heater when it is operating. That's because the system is located in an attic. Plus the blower assembly is relatively quiet in the first place.

Enjoy These Benefits

  • Free solar heat without the use of solar roof panels
  • A warm pool comfortable for the whole family
  • A longer swimming season to use your pool
  • Added "green energy" value to your pool investment
  • Conservation of vital natural resources
  • A heating system that pays for itself

Plus, our technical support is just a phone call away.  Count on us to be there when you need support or want some questions answered.  And, we continue to build a comprehensive web site that will place valuable resources at your disposal 24-hours a day including our quick contact online solar pool heating forms to use.

I know that you'll be happy with the SolarAttic solar pool heater.  

That is why I have placed a 100% performance guarantee on the product when you buy it directly from SolarAttic.  We'll ask you the pertinent questions needed and won't sell a system to you that won't work in your particular situation. In over 25 years, not a single individual purchasing factory direct has taken me up on this guarantee. It's because of the wonderful energy dynamics our solar pool heater has.  Many people also report significant reductions in their overall energy costs after installing our system.  A 20-30% reduction in air-conditioning costs is not out of the ordinary. That is because our attic solar pool heater cools your attic as it heats your pool.  It is also easy to install for any do-it-yourselfer. All you need is basic plumbing and electrical skills. If your handy around the house, you can install the SolarAttic solar pool heater. Or, if you prefer, any general contractor, pool servicer, handyman business, HVAC or Mechanical dealer can install your attic pool heating system.

If you are purchasing your system through a local dealer, contact your dealer for any performance guarantees or warranties that they may offer. SolarAttic does not back dealer warranties and guarantees and does not warrant any installation or removal costs.

SolarAttic also provides unlimited factory support via phone, fax, email and via this web sites online forms. SolarAttic does not sell factory direct in areas where we have established a dealer.

Guaranteed Performance / Unlimited Factory Support / Easy To Install

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Sincerely Yours,


P.S. If you have an attic that gets hot and you purchase factory direct, the SolarAttic Pool Heater comes with a 100% performance guarantee! "We guarantee that our system will perform as well as any roof-mounted solar panel system and that your pool will be heated to a comfortable temperature. If not, we'll help you fix the system or buy it back.  It's that simple!"

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