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Search on the sites listed above if you need an installer. There are most likely other contractor service providers in your local area that may be of value. Angie's list may also provide excellent referrals for you. Handyman Businesses have the skills needed to install the attic solar pool heater as do Mechanical and HVAC contractor. The above locator service links were tested on 3/23/15.



Attic Installation Description


Describe The Install Requirements: "I am looking for a contractor to install a heat exchanger inside of my attic. It is a SolarAttic attic solar pool heater and it uses a heat exchanger inside of the attic to heat my swimming pool. SolarAttic says that HVAC and Mechanical contractors are very well equipped with the basic plumbing and electrical skills needed to install the attic solar pool heater. SolarAttic estimates that one skilled person and a helper can install this solar pool heating system in 8-12 hours the first time and in only 4 hours after their first install [once they've experienced the simplicity of the installation].

The solar pool heater plumbing consists of retrofitting the existing PVC pipe of the pool's support system with a solar bypass valve. The plumbing of the attic solar pool heater is identical to that of any solar panel system. The difference is that there are no roof panels and instead, an air to liquid heat exchanger is installed inside the attic.

The attic solar pool heater uses a heat exchanger that runs off of 115 vac power drawing only 5 amps, which when automated is fed from a solar controller near the pool's support system. In an automated system, the attic solar pool heater's heat exchanger is plumbed to the pool's support system after the filter with 2" PVC pipe. Power is supplied to the attic unit from the electronic solar control used and a temperature sensor wire is supplied to the attic unit from the electronic control."

Note: After supplying the above basic information, let the contractor know of any special requirements such as trenching or long distance runs, etc. Requirements that are unique to your pool. Also let them know that detailed technical resources are available online including our latest attic solar pool heater installation guide and that unlimited and free factory support is available via fax, email or phone as well. In addition, SolarAttic can deal with your contractor directly if you have located one. Contact SolarAttic at (763) 441-3440 if you need assistance for your contractor from SolarAttic. Or, better yet, have your contractor contact SolarAttic directly for attic solar pool heater technical support. They can also reach SolarAttic through our attic solar pool heater feedback form.

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SolarAttic offers the above information as a convenient web sites as a starting point for your use. However, we are not affiliated with any of the above sites. These services are free to the consumer. If you use any of them, please give us feedback and let us know what your experience has been. All of the above sites have been listed on SolarAttic for many years without any complaint about any of them. Therefore, we feel confident they are a good starting point.


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