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Can you use the Attic Pool Heater?

Preface: Solar pool heaters are designed to raise a swimming pool 1-3 ° F per day during sunny weather and over the course of two weeks get the pool up to a swimming temperature in the range of 80-85° F or higher. Solar can typically raise swimming pools 10-15° F over what they would be in an unheated state. That means if your pool can reach 80 °F on its own during season, it can reach as high as 90-95° with solar energy and of course, this depends on weather conditions. On rainy days, no solar.

To raise a pool 20°F in a single day requires a fossil fuel heater of some type. Some SolarAttic attic solar pool heater owners have reported increases in the range of 6-8° F in a single day and have had their pool water in the mid 90's. See attic pool heater testimonials.

SolarAttic's basic site selection criteria shown below contains the main factors in determining whether or not the attic solar pool heater is a good fit for you. Our basic criteria assumes that your pool is 35,000 gallons or less, that the attic solar pool heater will fit inside your attic and that it has unobstructed air flow.

If your pool exceeds 35,000 gallons then Flowreversal technology should be used to make your pool more energy efficient for use with the attic pool heater. Note: Regardless of the size of your swimming pool, the attic solar pool heater will pay for itself in energy savings. However, the attic solar pool heater may not achieve your desired temperature on very large pools without using Flowreversal. Some commercial installations use two attic pool heaters and they save thousands of dollars in natural gas energy savings. Therefore, the attic solar pool heater will pay for itself on large pools regardless of the temperature achieved. See our attic solar pool heater video testimonials.


Does your attic get hot?

Rating Define Your Attic Heat
A1 Attic gets 100° F during the swimming season on sunny days.
A2 Attic gets 20° F warmer than the outside air temperature.
A3 Attic gets 25° F warmer than the swimming pool temperature.


What size is your attic relative to the pool?

Rating Define Your Attic Size
B1 Attic floor area in square feet is equal to or greater than the pool.
B2 Attic floor area is between 76-99% of the pool area.
B3 Attic floor area is between 51-75% of the pool area.
B4 Attic floor area is 50% or less of the pool area.


Basic Selection Criteria Answers

Our Rating Comments
Best A YES answer to question A1, A2 or A3 + B1.
Good A YES answer to question A1, A2 or A3 + B2
Possible A YES answer to question A1, A2 or A3 + B3.
Poor A YES answer to question A1, A2 or A3 + B4.
Not Recommended A NO answer to question A1, A2 and A3.


Discussion: Some many years ago now, SolarAttic's Founder personally installed a system in Canoga Park, California in an attic that had less than 50% of the size of the pool. The pool owners were very happy with the performance. So, SolarAttic cannot say for sure exactly how small an attic will work. The criteria shown above is SolarAttic's best analysis based on 30 years of experience. We do know that a small pool shed will not work and garage attics do work. Thank you for your consideration of our attic solar pool heater technology. Wishing you the most enjoyment of your pool investment.


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