Solar Pool Heater - Model PCS1
Auto+ System Components

SolarAttic solar pool heater model pcs1 photo illustration
Auto+ System Package
  • PCS1 Convection Unit
  • PCS1 Technical manual
  • LX220 Electronic Control
  • RLY-SC Power Relay
  • Attic Temperature Sensor
  • Water Temperature Sensor
  • Super Flow Bypass Valve
  • CVA24 Valve Operator
  • FlowReversal Valve
  • Proporioner Valve

Compool LX220 automation control.
LX220/2TX Solar Control

2 Inch Solar Bypass Valve

CVA-24 Valve Operator
[Mounts directly on top of valve]
[Powered by 24vac from control]

Sensors not shown
Power Relay not shown

Current Sales Catalogue

Mark Urban FlowReversal™

Patented Custom Valve Set

Cuts Pool Heat Need Up to 50%

4 Port FlowReversal Valve (Top)

3 Port Proportioner Valve (Bot)

Notice: As of 6/2012, these valves are unavailable due to death of Mark Urban.

SolarAttic's PCS1 Solar Pool Heater
Is Now Out of Production

Next Generation Solar Pool Heater