Solar Pool Heater
Electrical Wiring Options
For Model PCS1




[Image]Electrical Wiring Diagram Basic Wiring Concept
[Image]Wiring Internal Float Automatic Leak Detection
[Image]Wiring Alternative A Diagram Polaris Pool Vac
[Image]Wiring Alternative B Diagram Pump On Timer
[Image]Wiring Alternative C Diagram Pump + PCS1 On Timer
[Image]Automate The PCS1 Compool LX220 Solar Automation
[Image]Operating Instructions How To Use Compool LX220
[Image]LX220 Photos - Outside Photos of LX220 - Outside View
[Image]LX220 Photos - Inside Photos of LX220 - Inside View

Actual Electrical Wiring Must Comply With
National, State & Local Codes where applicable!

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